As we highlighted in our previous blog, “Venue finding trends for 2022”, choosing the right venue for an event can be pretty challenging. 

Whether you are planning a conference, a corporate event, a gala dinner, or an incentive trip, finding a suitable venue is fundamental. And not just any venue. To make your event a success you need to look out for a venue that is in line with your brand’s image, values, and that perfectly responds to businesses needs and objectives of the event. 

When should you start looking for the right venue? Easy question. The sooner, the better! 

It may all sound like “Mission Impossible,” and you may now feel lost or overwhelmed, but thanks to the Black Book venue sourcing team, every “mission becomes possible”. 
We have built a solid global network of professional partners and suppliers that know what is needed to organise a successful event. And this includes the perfect venue. 

Here are our top five tips for choosing the right venue for your next event. 

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1. Contracting your event venue

The world offers an enormous variety of incredibly unique venues that differ from one another in terms of capacity, style, set-up, and budget. 
But on top of this, as also reported by SITE’s White Paper, there is one additional element that has become even more important in the last couple of years than the budget itself. And that is the contract’s flexibility and force majeure. 

With the pandemic and its uncertainty, we have all learned how quickly things can change from one day to the next. So, when you are planning an event, you want to make sure that you have everything under control, including the venues’ cancellation policies. Instead of looking at clauses in the short-term, try defining a contract that assures you long-term protection, especially when you are organising an event several years in advance. So, make sure that the venue contract clearly states their policies for room blocks and meeting spaces adjustments and, of course, cancellation, together with an unequivocal force majeure clause. 

It is important to collaborate with the venue and its staff to ensure that nothing is left to chance. You never know what may happen, so you need to be ready for any circumstance. 

2. Understanding your event venue from the perspective of safety and capacity

When selecting a venue, always keep in mind that your number of guests will likely increase. 

Do not try to fit 500 people in a venue that has a 300-person capacity. Especially after the pandemic, people need to feel comfortable and safe throughout the event.
So, when organising a conference, make sure that there is enough space between the seats and that all safety corridors are clearly visible.
For your gala dinner, ensure that everyone, from the guests to the entertainers, to the caterers, has enough space to move around freely and safely.  
And for that incentive travel programme, why not include a meeting in an inspiring outdoor location?  
Due to the pandemic and the many restrictions that have marked these last two years, people are keener than ever to enjoy outdoor events, which have become increasingly popular, as they allow social distancing and add flexibility in terms of capacity.

3. Searching for sustainability in event venues

Who is not talking about sustainability nowadays? As we mentioned in our previous blog, the meetings and events industry has become more aware of the importance of sustainability. Businesses are now adopting green and sustainable practices when organising their events, from choosing an eco-friendly hotel to opting for the local cuisine and supporting the local economy, to engaging with the community in CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) activities. 

If you want to foster sustainability with your event, you need to make sure that the venue selected does the same. Suppose the venue does not take sustainability seriously; how would this affect your event and the guests’ perception?
Check the venues’ policies and practices, such as recycling, single use plastics, food miles etc and find out if the venue has a sustainability certification or accreditation that can prove its commitment. 

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Act sustainably

4. Venue services and amenities

With people travelling worldwide for both business and leisure, they are becoming increasingly sophisticated both as travellers and as event attendees and expect a lot more in terms of services and facilities. 

No longer will a flat screen tv in the room be a wow factor, that’s a basic. Check that the venue selected for your event is able to deliver quality services that fit the guests’ needs. Through personalisation and attention to detail, you can recreate an exclusive and authentic experience for all attendees.
As food and beverage can make or break the guests’ experience, ask the venue to serve menus that are connected to the region and that represent the local traditions and flavours.
Discuss the mise en place, the décor, and the floral arrangements, recreating a unique and personalised atmosphere. It really is the little things that matter. 

5. Ensuring you have the right technology at your venue

Typically, the wi-fi password is one of the first things that guests want to know when entering a venue for the first time, especially when travelling abroad. So, more than anything else, ensure that the venue has a strong and fast wi-fi connection.
As standard ensure that the venue can efficiently provide technical services, such as video conferencing facilities and, of course, all the necessary A/V equipment. Furthermore, to avoid any inconveniences, ask the venue for expert technical assistance throughout the event. But technology has gone so much further and can impact almost every aspect of an event, from air purification to lighting which will support in the engagement of your attendees. Incentives too can benefit with some hotels and resorts offering a cash and touchless system using RFID technology so attendees can enter their room, buy a drink and secure a spa session all with the wave of a wrist.

If you are looking for a unique and exclusive venue for your next event, contact our Black Book venue finding team. They will definitely find you a suitable match! 

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